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FastBNB - Yield Farming

Takes minutes to Start Earning 3% Daily Interest with “FAST BNB Yield Farming”.

The Simple Strategy Used By Billionaire Crypto Investors.

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What is

FastBNB Binance smart chain based verified audited contract enables the use of Binance Coin BEP-20 for use in yield farming industry.

The Longevity and stability of FastBNB will ultimately bring crypto users, miners, users under single platform to stake, refer and earn seed income with unlimited opportunities making use of decentralization becomes a perfect yield platform which operates effortlessly 24×7 all the days of year!

How Fast BNB Works

Fast BNB solution is a smart contract transaction protocol that automatically implements the terms of a contract amongst all users.

Similar to the common contract, both users in our platform will have to define the rules and terms of engagement while transacting. Upon agreement and initiation of the smart contract, it runs as designed with zero chance of orchestrating an alteration to pre-determined conditions.

FastBNb to start with as low as 0.1 BNB higher side being unlimited. The rest users leave it to the contract to implement with no more long sitting hours to check when to sell or buy. Therefore, as per contract terms, it ensures your farming yield never drops, instead it delivers to our user’s sure yield returns on their staking.

What is FastBNB Seed Income?

Seed income is referred to income generated in real time over your referral dividends.

E.g. User A refers user B, User B staked 10 BNB in plan Ox farming receiving 3% daily so user A would be entitled to receive 10% of 0.3 BNB i.e. 0.03 BNB daily.

FastBNB user gets opportunity to earn seed income from its downline upto 100 Level paid every second 24X7 and are instantly available for withdrawals without any restrictions.

Fast BNB Referral Program Explained

No business in the world succussed without team members.

Fast BNB offer unrestricted unlimited potential for referral income up to 10 levels where each level on its own can have unlimited referrals.

FastBNB offers commisions of:

  • Level-1= 6%
  • Level-2=4%
  • Level-3=3%
  • Level-4=2%
  • Level-5=1%
  • Level-6=0.5%
  • Level-7=0.5%
  • Level-8=0.5%
  • Level-9=0.25%
  • Level-10=0.25%

In total of 18% in referral commission.

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Understanding Fast BNB Yield farming.

In a nutshell, its an investing strategy for staking crypto to generate daily returns.

Fast BNB field farming is a means of earning interest on your cryptocurrency, similar to how you’d earn interest on any money in your savings account. Just like when depositing your money in a bank, yield farming involves locking up your crypto currency, called “staking,” for a period of time in exchange for interest or other rewards, such as more cryptocurrency.

When traditional loans are made through banks, the amount lent out is paid back with interest. With FASTBNB yield farming, the concept is the same: crypto currency that would normally just be sitting in your account is instead staked in order to generate returns.

Since yield farming began in 2020, yield farmers have earned returns in the form of annual percentage yields (APY) that can reach triple digits. But this potential return comes at high risk, with the protocols and coins earned subject to extreme
volatility and rug pulls wherein developers abandon a project and make off with investors’ funds.